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Anti Viral Deep Cleaning

Following the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in 2020, it has never been more important for businesses to protect the people who use their premises, including employees, visitors and members of the public.


If your business has been shut down during the pandemic, your employees and visitors will want assurance that your premises are safe before they return and that they will stay safe while they are using them.

After receiving industry leading training from the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), we are able to provide a professional anti viral cleaning service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the most up to date techniques, tools and the most appropriate products to disinfect areas to make them safe and return them to use as quickly as possible.


You may have cleaners that do regular cleaning tasks for you but controlling a highly infectious virus requires a higher level of expertise. Our anti viral deep cleaning may be used as a stand-alone service or as an addition to your current arrangements.

To identify problem areas we use Black lights, also known as ultraviolet lights (UV), which are often used in professional cleaning to help detect if hidden pathogens are present on surfaces, furniture and frequent-touch areas. The lights cause bodily fluids to "fluoresce" so that the naked eye can detect them.

To verify the effectiveness of our anti viral cleaning and to monitor levels of hygiene we can utilise on site rapid hygiene swab testing which detects whether a surface has been cleaned effectively. These colour changing swabs provide the means to monitor cleaning procedures first hand, quickly and effectively.

GBAC Trained Technician
GBAC Trained Technician
Anti Viral Cleaning of Seating
Anti Viral Fogging

Manual cleaning is used to disinfect surfaces and frequent touch points such as door handles, light switches, etc.


For combating airborne pathogens and disinfecting large areas we use Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) disinfection fogging.

Fogging disinfection works by vaporising disinfectant and filling the room with an anti-bacterial mist that covers all surfaces.

This will also treat inaccessible areas that may be difficult or not possible to reach using conventional cleaning methods.

For all our anti viral cleaning we use "All Clear" manufactured by One Chem.

This Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial disinfectant surface cleaner kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus, Influenza A Virus, MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella & E.coli.

This product has been tested to BS EN 14476, BS EN 1276 & BS EN 13697.

Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial Disinfectant
Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial Disinfectant
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